Diocese of Virac Announces Sede Vacante Status

VIRAC, March 1, 2024 – The Diocese of Virac officially announces that Rome has accepted the resignation of Bishop Manolo de los Santos, rendering the diocese sede vacante. The Vatican has appointed Rev. Fr. Luisito Occiano from the Archdiocese of Cáceres as the new bishop, pending consecration.

In the interim, following the acceptance of his resignation, Bishop Manolo de los Santos has been appointed as the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese. This designation ensures the smooth transition and continuity of pastoral care while awaiting the canonical possession of the Diocese by the newly appointed Bishop, Father Luisito Occiano.

While awaiting further details on the schedule of the consecration or ordination of Bishop-elect Luisito Occiano, we urge the faithful to continue their prayers for the diocese of Virac and the incoming bishop. We express gratitude to Bishop Manolo for his dedicated 29 years and 5 months of service as our shepherd.
Director, Social Communications and Media Apostolate